Training Team

Marty Mahon - Founder & Owner

Trident K9 Consulting was started back in 2016 by Police Sergeant Marty Mahon. Marty has been a Police Officer since 1999 with a local agency. He became a K9 Officer in 2001 with K9 Maximus, a dual purpose German Shepard. In 2007, after Maximus retired, Marty received Dugan, a dual purpose Belgian Malinois. Dugan retired in 2013, leaving Marty with a new and current dual purpose Malinois, Diesel.  

Marty has been a selector and trainer for his local agency since 2007. He has been hand selecting K9s from various vendors for not only his agency, but other local agencies. Marty has a great relationship with major vendors throughout the United States and Europe. He has great experience in selecting single purpose and dual purpose K9s. Marty is a certifier with both P.O.S.T and the California Narcotic Canine Association (CNCA). 

Trident K9 works with more than 9 local agencies, receiving monthly maintenance training (aprox. 20 K9s). Trident K9 staff also teach at major seminars throughout the United States. Classes include: Supervising a K9 Unit, detection, patrol and problem solving. 

Trident has hand selected and trained K9s for agencies throughout the Bay Area. Trident K9 provides consulting, problem solving, as well as class room and hands on training. 



Chris has been an Officer with a local agency for 15 years. He has been a K9 handler for the last 11 years. Chris’ first partner was K9 Olympia. Chris and Olympia worked together for 7 years until her retirement. Chris’ current partner is K9 Blitz. Chris and Blitz are on their local agency SWAT team. He is also a firearms instructor, as well as SKIDDS and SWAT certified. Chris is also responsible for assisting in the testing and selection of K9s for local agencies.


Amanda has been an officer with a local agency since 2007.  She started her K9 career training with her personal protection K9 in 2008, focusing on Schutzhund (German Dog Sport). Amanda’s current K9 partner is K9 Storm and they were partnered together in 2014.  Amanda and Storm are on their local agency SWAT team and were SKIDDS certified in 2017.  Amanda has a passion for K9 training, specializing in K9 obedience and protection.


Irini has been a handler for about 7 years. Her journey started when she rescued a 7 month old German Shepherd that had behavior/ social issues. She began seeking out information and training in order to fix the issues. After seeing the results, she fell in love with the process and the rest was history. Irini began going to protection and advance obedience seminars and workshops to expand her knowledge. In doing so, she was able to train with some of the best dog trainers from both the US and Europe and compete with her own dogs putting her training to the test. Irini has now competed in many different levels with her Belgian Malinois. She is specialized in K9/pet training, obedience and protection. 


Larry works as a trainer and expert decoy for Trident K9. Larry has several years of training and decoying experience and strives to challenge handlers and their K9 partners during trainings.

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