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Dual & Single Purpose K9 Sales

 Trident K9 Consulting offers police service dogs for both patrol and detection. We are not breed specific, rather we select the best dog suited for each agency and handler. We offer Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, German Shorthaired Pointers, Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels. Trident K9 Consulting hand selects and/or imports most of our dogs from Holland, and have a United States K9 vendor, Houston K9 Academy.  Upon purchase of the K9, we offer a 1 Year Health and Work Ability Guarantee. 

Police K9 Training

 Our Police K9 service program is based on customer satisfaction and confidence in the work ability of the dogs we select. Police K9 training is an evolving discipline, and our methodology is always changing to perform at the highest standards. We require our trainers to attend seminars and conferences, so they can bring you the best information and the latest techniques. Our staff of trainers are motivated and passionate about helping you and your dog reach their maximum potential. We provide certification through the California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) and the California Narcotics Canine Association (CNCA).

Detection Training

Trident K9 Consulting Detection Courses are based upon real world applications designed to provide the training and support necessary for K9 teams to be successful in both the street and in the courts.  We offer detection training in narcotics, explosive and guns. Our trainers will constantly challenge the students and detection K9s with varying amounts of odor. K9 teams will be able to locate anywhere from residual odors to extremely large quantities of odor in all environments and conditions by the end of the course. We will train for an active or passive alert dependent upon the needs of each agency. We provide certification through the California Peace Officers Standard and Training (POST) and the California Narcotics Canine Association (CNCA).

Enhancement Training

Trident K9 Consulting offers monthly Enhancement Training to K9 Teams, which can consist of  weekly, bi-weekly and monthly training. Our Enhancement Training focuses on problem solving and exposure to real-world scenarios. The patrol side of the training will always have 1 to 2 trainers and an experienced decoy. Trainers not only provide training for the K9, they also provide tactical training for the handler while working a K9. The detection training will have the opportunities to search and experience odors from threshold amounts to large quantities. Each training session, the handlers will have 1 to 2 trainers to help each detection K9 team.  

Training Courses & Seminars

Trident K9 Consulting offers Advanced Handler’s Course in Patrol and Detection. The training will consist of 1 to 5 days of training to better the K9 Teams and address any problems or concerns. The courses are formatted to fit the needs of each seminar and/or agency. The training is held at Trident K9 Consulting Training Facilities or, upon request, at other Law Enforcement Training Facilities. 

Trident K9 Consulting offers training courses and seminars in Parcel and Airport Interdiction and K9 Supervision. Many of the trainers teach at K9 Conferences throughout the United States. 

Trident K9 Consulting offers a K9 Evaluation Program. The trainers will review police department’s policies and procedures, K9s, handlers and training. A written review and recommendation will be submitted to the police department to better themselves and the K9 Unit. 

Private Training/Pet Obedience 

Trident K9 Consulting Private Training and Pet Obedience programs are an all-breed pet obedience training program geared to make your life with your dog easier and more rewarding. We offer on-leash and off leash training, from young dogs to older dogs. We address behavior problems such as aggression, shyness, hyperactivity and more. 

K9 Unit Audits

Trident K9 Consulting offers K9 Unit Audit Services. Our team of handlers, trainers and supervisors will travel to your agency and conduct an in depth review of your K9 Unit. Members will review policy, documentation (training records / police reports / training aid audits) and attend K9 training sessions. Members can assist with creating and building a brand new K9 Unit or assist with rebuilding, restructuring and/or providing suggestions to a current K9 Unit to ensure policies, procedures and practices are within the current industry standards. 

  Executive Protection K9 Sales

Trident K9 Consulting offers executive protection K9s to clients who need an added layer of protection whether at home or at work. Our trainers will hand select the best K9 for the needs of the client. We test each K9 to ensure it is not only able to protect you and your family, but to become part of the family. Once selected, your personal protection companion will go through rigorous training in order to ensure it is the perfect fit for you and your needs. Training will include exposure to several environments to include: office settings, public venues, airline travel and home/family life. After becoming a member of the Trident K9 family, you will receive maintenance training to ensure your partner will perform at the highest caliber possible.  

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